We specialise in innovative garden design in Staffordshire and the surrounding counties. 

Our garden design includes scaled hand drawn concept plans, a detailed site survey, specialist planting schemes plus aftercare and maintenance plans. 

How it works:

1. Introductory Meeting

This is the chance to discuss what you are looking for in your outside space. Together we look at the site, talk through the possibilities and discuss the available budget for your project.  

2. Site Survey and Analysis

We make an appointment to come and visit your garden to gather all the information that we need. This includes a thorough survey which includes the size and levels of your garden, so that we can create a scale drawing. We also do a soil analysis so that we can choose plants that will grow the most successfully. 

3. Concept Plan

Here we present the Initial Concept Plan which gives you an overview of our ideas for the new design. This is our starting point for discussions so that we can create a more detailed design, which is then tailored to meet your individual needs. 

4. Detailed Design of Garden Layout

This is the hand drawn design of the garden to scale.  It identifies the layout of the hard landscaping (the structural parts such as brick walls or a patio) and the soft landscaping(the plants, trees or flowers themselves) along with the key features of the garden, and we also provide comments, sketches, and a mood board to bring the design to life.

5. Planting Plan

A planting plan provides the information to create the soft landscaping of the design.  The plan includes a list of recommended plants, sizes and the layout.  We can source the plants from the best nurseries at competitive prices, and plant these to create your perfect garden.

6. Specification/Construction Drawings

These are detailed drawings and notes that give you the dimensions and materials required for hard landscaping or special features so that they can be built according to plan.